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From: Max Galitsyn
Saturday, 11:25 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Well, I guess here I was supposed to shout out a few more fancy phrases and post a picture of a big fat adsense check from Google, a scan of my banking statement and may be a picture of myself staying next to a fancy house or some nice car, saying that you can have the same success if you use our tool :).

I'm sure you know all of this, have seen it lots of times and are probably sick of those pages. Instead, let me just cut the hype and tell you about what we have to offer and how you can benefit from it..

If you are reading this page you probably build websites or do blogging or even autoblogging trying to make some profit. There are a lot of tools available to monetize your websites. There are a lot of tools to build your websites. There are a lot of tools for autoblogging. But how about a tool to grow your websites automatically, simulating human work?

We have built websites for years, used lots of different tools, tried tons of different content publishers, content generators, auto blogging scripts. We spent endless hours in forums, learning new techniques, asking various people about what tools they would need to automate the process of building their websites, making posts to their blogs and generating fresh content. So let me ask you this...

What is the most valuable thing in your life?

It is TIME. You might say love, money, family, etc., but it's your time. Because life is short and you need TIME to love your family, make money or do anything else. That's why we developed a very advanced tool that automates the process of building your money-making websites like no other tool on the market so you could save your time for better things!

Self Growing Websites System

Introducing S.G.W. - all-in-one universal software that can make all other similar tools obsolete.

SGW is a very powerful script that is installed on your server along with your website. The main idea of it is to update (grow) your websites with fresh original targeted content on a regular basis in a very unique human way. The best thing is that this process can be completely randomized and automated.

SGW contains a system of 4 types of modules:

Input modules, Monetization Modules, Output Modules and SEO Modules.

These modules closely interact with each other, searching, monetizing, adding and promoting all kinds of content to your website based on very advanced settings for each particular module.

Also, the advantage of SGW, not offered in any other similar product is that each module can be easily turned on or turned off, depending on your website's requirements. You will also be able to install additional modules at a later time.




This tool simply knocked my off my chair! It has so many settings you can play with that it's simply unbelievable.

I haven't met a single tool yet that can compare to SGW in terms of functionality, effectiveness and uniqueness.

I only wish I could get back in time and use it when I started building my Adsense websites. I would be much richer now :)

Thank you,
Dave Griffin
Philadelphia, U.S.

What is SGW System made of?

As I mentioned above SGW has a powerful projects manager where you can setup unlimited projects based on the following 4 groups of modules:


  • Content Files ModuleContent Files Module - responsible for extracting content from txt of html files or even adding the whole pages of content in the form of html or php pages, articles, etc. to your websites gradually over time using our revolutionary "drip" technology.
  • Articles ModuleArticles Module - can extract unlimited number of articles from multiple directories based on your keywords, format them in every possible way (shuffle paragraphs, remove resource boxes, highlight keywords in text and much more).
  • RSS Wizard ModuleRSS Wizard Module (very powerful, miles ahead of rsstoblog, powerrss and other similar tools) - the number of features in this one can not be compared to any other tool - extracts content from multiple rss feeds, formats it in every possible way (change elements order, turn them on and off, add html before and after each element and so on.)


  • Google AdSense ModuleGoogle AdSense Module - automatically inserts Google Ads into your generated pages or blog posts. From this module you can edit your Google Ads the same way you would be doing it from your Google AdSense account. Using this module you can easily create Google AdSense websites and blogs with the main reason of getting profit from them.
  • Context Ads ModuleContext Ads Module - Very powerful module allowing you to substitute keywords in your content with your affiliate links or any other ads. You can specify which keywords to replace with your links, what links to use, show or not to show javascript popup with your link description, completely reformat the popup with your own HTML, images or even video.
  • Chitika Ads ModuleChitika Ads Module - Ads for right user, right time, right place. This modules will automatically insert Chitika ads into your content. You will be able to specify look & feel, size and position of the ads.
  • Media Units ModuleMedia Units Module - Inserts any kind of custom media, advertizing or design content anywhere into publications. It can be banners, images, video presentations, HTML coding or simply a plain text notes.


  • Static Pages ModuleStatic Pages Module - responsible for generating an ever growing website based on your custom template with special tags (tokens). ‘Static pages’ module receives content from Input modules and places it on the index page of the archive. When new piece of content is received, module updates the index page with it and saves the ‘outdated’ content into individual archive pages. At the same time the module creates monthly archive pages, thus building crosslinked optimized self updated website.
  • WordPress ModuleWordpress Module - able to connect to unlimited number of your WordPress blogs and fill them out with targeted content. You will be able to setup unlimited projects to fill out separate blog categories with its specific content. For every post it is also possible to specify the author from your blog settings. Do your wordpress autoblogging with this module or use next module if use Blogger.
  • Blogger ModuleGoogle Blogger Module - this module is very similar to Wordpress Module, except that it can post to unlimited number of Blogger blogs. Another great solution for autoblogging!
  • Joomla ModuleJoomla Module - able to update unlimited number of Joomla blogs/cms with content from Input Modules. Supports authors and categories.
  • Drupal ModuleDrupal Module - similar to Joomla Module but for Drupal CMS. Create unlimited projects to post content to your Drupal blogs. Supports authors and categories.


  • Sitemap ModuleSitemap Module - creates and updates static sitemap pages for your websites and blogs automatically. Templates based with a lot of formatting options.
  • Spinner ModuleSpinner Module - solves your duplicate content problems. This module automatically spins (rewrites) your content based on human edited and constantly updated database of the TheBestSpinner software.
  • Images ModuleImages Module - automatically inserts related images from Bing Images anywhere into your content with proper SEO parameters.
  • Pinger ModulePinger Module - advanced system of pinging remote services with your website updates.
  • Twitter ModuleTwitter Module - Based on numerous requests from our customers we have added Twitter Module that is capable of posting your content titles with backlinks into unlimited number of your twitter accounts. Some formatting options and a number of short link services are available.
  • Facebook Links ModuleFacebook Links Module (just released) - Automatic updates of personal Facebook timeline and timelines of Facebook fanpages. This module will deliver targeted content right to Facebook wall providing with fresh auto updates all friends and followers.
  • LinkedIn ModuleLinkedIn Module (just released) - Scheduled posts to LinkedIn account and to LinkedIn companies' pages. This module will automatically make your blog and website updates being available to your LinkedIn connections.
  • Google Plus ModuleGoogle Plus Module (just released) - Automatically updates main Google Plus page or any specified Google Plus page with targeted content.


How Does SGW System Work?

The following diagram reflects the process of how SGW does it's magic. What you do is you setup a project that will perform a particular task on autopilot:

SGW Projects Manager:
Create a new project, responsible for conducting a particular task.
Name the project and select participating modules.
Input Modules:
Only one input module can participate in the project. Configure it the way you need it.
Extracts content from any txt,  php or html files on your server or your hard drive and formats it if neededContent Files  or  Extracts content from article directories and formats it in every possible wayArticles  or  Extracts content from any number of rss feeds, does unique formattingRSS Wizard
Monetization Modules:
Any number of monetization modules can monetize your content in the project.
Make necessary configurations for each selected module.
Automatically inserts google ads of any time into your content in any locationGoogle Adsense  and/or  Converts specified keywords in your content into links with an optional advertisement popupContext Ads  and/or  Inserts Chitika ads in your content in any locationChitika Ads   and/or  Inserts any media / html anywhere in your contentMedia Units
Output Modules:
Output modules automatically publish content into your website, blog or cms. Select only one module!
Generates static, optimized and crosslinked pages for your website based on templateStatic Pages  or  Can post content into any number of wordpress blogsWordPress  or  Can post content into any number of Blogger blogsGoogle Blogger
Can post content into Joomla cms sitesJoomla  or  Can post content into any number of Drupal cms sitesDrupal
SEO Modules:
Any number of SEO modules can promote your content and help it rank high in the search engines.
Inserts related images into postsImages  and/or   Informs (pings) remote websites and services about your content updatesPinger  and/or  Rewrites your content based on human edited database to avoid duplicate content issuesSpinner
Automatically builds a sitemap for your website based on a templateSitemap  and/or  Capable of posting tweets with backlinks to your contentTwitter   and/or  Updates your Facebook timeline with your content's backlinksFacebook Links
and/or  Updates your LinkedIn account and companies' pagesLinkedIn   and/or  Automatically updates Google+ main page and any specific Google+ pageGoogle+
Project Automation:
Select the time when you want your project to run.
Then specify how often you would like the project to repeat its task.
Build More Projects And Bank In!
Profit with SGW System!



"Max, I wish you wouldn't do that! Tease us, that is with what SGW will be capable of doing in the not to distant future. I have quit looking at other options for autoblogging for now and have decided to save my money for the SGW Pro Version purchase.

From your emails, this program sounds like it is going to blow the doors off anything out there. You are limiting this right...LOL

Anyway I am looking forward to your Pro Version release, just wished I hadn't bought rss2blog and power rss, oh well that's business always something new on the horizon.

Regards, Whoops (dave)"

Complete S.G.W. User Manual

SGW User Manual
  • You will be able to view detailed online manual with navigation, screenshots, graphs and explanations of every feature.
  • Each chapter of the manual can be printed, downloaded as PDF, emailed to a friend, bookmarked and even commented.
  • It even has an RSS feed


"You are way better programmers than marketers ;-) Either you do not want to sell many licenses or you really need to post more of the manual material within your sales letter. I am a copywriter with much success for me and my clients. Take my word for it, you are way under-selling this product.

Your excitement about the product comes through other sources but not in the sales letter. Let your light shine!!!

I'm buying it! I have clients who need it. Hell, who doesn't need it?

Scott Baker
Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions "

With SGW System you will also be getting:

- free access to tech support helpdesk!

- free access to our members forum!

- free version updates for all modules!

SGW System Requirements

In order to make use of our powerful software you should have the following:
  • At least one Linux hosting account with a domain name;
  • PHP 5 or higher, supported by your hosting account;
  • MySQL 4.1.21 or higher;
  • Cron jobs functions on your server;
  • FTP access and ability to change file permissions;
  • Basic knowledge of installing php scripts. (if you have no idea how to do it, we offer "Installation Assistance")
  • Basic knowledge of HTML.
If you are not sure about any of the above, you can contact your hosting provider.



"Ask and you shall receive...

You have a whiz-bang thing going with the SGW model, and there are vitually no limits as to how you can keep apace of all the latest, build it inward, outward, upward, downward...but as you have the handle on...integrated and co-ordinated, interactive and responsive!

Please don't give up the ship! Well, if you hear from God to hand it off, do so; but otherwise, you have my support to stay fast at it! : )

Ron Rhodes,
Berkeley, CA"

Money back guarantee!

Here's my unconditional, money back guarantee:
100% Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee Order your copy of SGW, fire it up and use it to your advantage. Exploit our free support. Snatch all the free bribes/bonuses.

I'm so confident that SGW is the best software of its class out there, that I am willing to put my reputation on the line and offer you a rock solid 100% money back guarantee.

If SGW does not perform for you technically, and we cannot find a way to fix it for you then simply contact me anytime within 30 days and I'll refund all of your money! You can even keep the free bonuses.


Order SGW Solution

Yours For Your Online Profit,

Max Galitsyn
Max Galitsyn
and SGW team.

P. S. The convenience of SGW is its flexibility. You can try Start Up Edition, buy Pro Edition or even configure your own edition based on you needs and budget.

P. P. S. Also, your SGW System can grow as you grow. You can purchase and unlock additional modules in your configurations with just few clicks of a mouse button.

P. P. P. S. If you don't know how to install php scripts yourself, or don't feel comfortable doing that and need help - try our installation assistance service.

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